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Unify your employee experience and create a culture of total wellbeing, community, and recognition with a web- and app-based experience that people love.


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The people power is in the platform

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When you’re an essential business with traditional brick and mortar locations, COVID delivers next-level challenges. We spoke with Kelly Ritchey-Davoren, CPO of Xceed Financial Credit Union about her experience and the pivot solutions she implemented to keep her culture intact and thriving. Check out our video interview and full Q+A of our conversation with Kelly.

Read the full interview transcript with Kelly

Discover how Espresa’s Culture Benefits™ platform is delivering non-traditional benefits that amplify employee experience on a single unified platform. Susan Lovegren, HR luminary and former Chief People Officer of Juniper Networks, Medallia, and AppDynamics talks about how technology helps human resources make impactful, real-time decisions while creating inclusive moments that matter.

Read the full transcript of our interview with Susan

six modules to choose from

Engage people wherever they are

Espresa’s Culture Benefits platform engages and ignites employees on campus, online, and on-the-go while making heroes out of human resources and people teams.

Because Espresa is modular, you can pick and choose your employee experience adventure. Pick any that suit your needs and add others as you go for a holistic, 360-degree view of employee engagement programs and with robust, real-time analytics built-in.

Espresa Employee Resource Groups

01 Employee Resource Groups

Purposefully engage and connect your people to one another, while creating a rich culture of inclusivity and belonging.

Espresa’s ERGs platform helps you bottom-up your culture by making it simple to launch, track, and promote formal and informal groups with an experience that people love.

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Espresa Meetings + Events

02 Meetings + Events

Connect your diverse culture, no matter where they are at – both virtually and in-person.

Espresa enables you to easily create meetings, meetups, office hour slots, multi-track events, and gym schedules, while monitoring attendance and participation with exceptional analytics built-in.

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Espresa Wellbeing + Fitness

03 Wellbeing + Fitness

Energize your employees’ total wellbeing while increasing engagement, productivity, and the overall health of your organization.

Espresa’s wellbeing and fitness platform delivers simplified on and offsite classes and access to top-tier partners (such as ClassPass and Headspace) for all employees, including your distributed workforce.

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Espresa Reimbursements + Allowances

04 Reimbursements + Allowances

Streamline reimbursements and allowances for your entire workforce, even your distributed team members.

Espresa’s reimbursements and allowances platform enables HR and people teams to quickly create an unlimited number of reimbursement programs, globally.

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Espresa Challenges + Achievements

05 Challenges + Achievements

Engage employees with achievements and challenges that gamify your culture, regardless of where your people are located.

Go beyond step challenges by rewarding employees for participating and promoting activities that are unique to your cultural DNA.

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Espresa Recognition + Rewards

06 Recognition + Rewards

Supercharge your superstars with a culture of gratitude by connecting as many opportunities to recognition as possible.

With Espresa’s recognition and rewards platform, everyone is empowered to recognize and socialize achievements in meaningful, timely, and memorable ways.

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Disrupting culture for good.

Espresa takes the administrative burden off HR and people teams with a single platform and app experience that delights ALL.

Our platform was designed from the ground up for people, by people, and for our clients and their specific needs. That’s one of the many things that makes Espresa different.

Automate everything that can be automated

  • Design, manage, schedule, and scale all employee experience programs on a single platform
  • Capture real-time employee feedback and data

Bring your providers, use ours, combine them all on Espresa

  • Access over 200 pre-vetted, nationwide, and globally reviewed vendors
  • Use our platform for vendor management for one single view of everything HR

Engage all of your people wherever they are

  • Energize your culture through innovative in-platform scheduling, promotions, and announcements
  • Connect everyone across your organization, whether onsite or distributed, including your vendors

People champions now come with full transparency

  • See what is being used and what’s not, and reallocate budgets and resources in real-time
  • Provide robust reporting to executive leadership to show how HR is producing a real Return-on-Culture™ investment.

Your competitive advantage is your people. Happy people make more successful companies. Be the company where happiness happens.

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