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Administering programs like reimbursements add a significant burden to already stressed HR teams. Espresa’s platform handles this efficiently and allows companies to fund activities that define and promote their culture.

Peter Navin, VP of HR at Grand Rounds and author of The CMO of People

Source: Industry data and Espresa client data

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Espresa's Wellbeing + Fitness Allowance Model

Empowering and engaging people.

People are the heart and soul of all companies and attracting and retaining top talent are front and center for HR and people teams who are tasked with creating the kind of cultures that people flock to.

Give employees freedom. Offering reimbursements and allowances are how smart companies engage and delight employees, while positively impacting business goals and outcomes. They provide wellbeing freedom of choice to apply those dollars towards what an employee loves as an individual.


Espresa Reimbursements + Allowances

“Looking for a yoga retreat this weekend or a hardcore spin class? There’s an allowance for that.”

Espresa’s reimbursement tools empower HR with unlimited control over how you can incentivize employees. You can create unlimited custom reimbursement allowances and incentivize health and wellbeing, by currency, time zone, location, and employee type.

And go beyond fitness – amplify your culture by expanding reimbursements for outdoor activity, volunteering, biking or walking to work, and more.

Powerful Benefits

Friendly for everyone

Online and mobile reimbursements with vast employee wallet and allowance options

Truly connected communication

Integrated messaging and message history, so HR and employees are on the same page - no spreadsheet required

Give them choice

Allow employees to use an allowance towards onsite programs, access discounted gym partners or get reimbursements for the experiences they love

Global and all-In

Be wherever they are with support for all currencies, plus, self-approval or outsourced approval to Espresa

Ultimate HR flexibility

Customize multiple plan designs, monthly, quarterly, annually, and with carryover in minutes, no limits

Truth in transparency

Access a 360-degree feedback loop and real-time analytics, so HR and benefits teams know what's working and what's not

Effortless and streamlined

No more logistical hell. Espresa’s reimbursements and allowances platform improves your organizational wellbeing while giving choice to your people and making dispersed team members feel loved and included.

And we streamline everything. With mobile and online receipt uploads, employees can communicate with approvers, while HR has real-time transparency and reporting for payroll. If you don’t have time for approvals, you also have the option to outsource it to Espresa.

When companies offer opportunities that limit employees’ out-of-pocket expenses while giving them a benefit that positively impacts their wellbeing, everyone wins.

  • Strengthen employee retention and culture with equality of benefits
  • Easily implement and use globally
  • Give employees a user experience they’ll love
  • Robust, real-time analytics and reporting
  • Control wellness budget while giving employees choice

Your competitive advantage is your people. Happy people make more successful companies. Engage your people wherever they are with Espresa.

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