Careers with Espresa

What we want to know when you step in with Espresa is: what’s your butterfly effect? How will you transform the world today?

Sylvia Flores, Head of Brand + Culture, Espresa

We’ve married logic and imagination to continue to find a different and better way to move people in the world towards happiness, connectedness, and brighter futures.

We love people from all walks, all places, and of all kinds. If you identify as AWESOME (or any other positive thing) and live these values (or now are really excited and want to), you sound like the kind of awesome we want to know.

Here’s more (corporate) about us

We work hard every day to exemplify:

  1. Wonder: We are curious adventurers and empaths seeking to solve the problems that collectively divide us.
  2. Individuality: We are staunch believers in observing and celebrating the unique and diverse people that drive great ideas forward.
  3. Trust: We believe that transparency and integrity lead us as a company and as individuals.
  4. Humanity: We are better together because of our diversity, our differences, and our collective EQ.
  5. Future: We mindfully approach today, while paving the way towards thriving and happy cultures.
  6. Evolution: We realize that the answers we have today, may not be those that lead us tomorrow – and we’re comfortable with that because we are the change-makers and mindful risk-takers.
  7. What’s next?

The Benefits of Being with a Culture Benefits Company

We take care of our people with a company that’s entire business model is… taking care of people. There are the basic benefits, sure. But then there’s the other cool stuff, including an amazing connected community of people who care about one another.


Comprehensive health, dental, vision, and 401k


Learning and development to support and grow


We give you an allowance every month for wellbeing and fitness


We provide healthy food, snacks, and bevies


We’re a dog-friendly office! Well-behaved woofs welcome!


When you are out of our office, you're still here with us. We make sure you feel it!

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