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Engage and energize everyone in your organization wherever they are with Espresa’s challenges + achievements platform

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When HR and people teams can tie fun activities to the behavior they ultimately are looking to see from employees, everyone wins. With Espresa’s challenges platform, that entire process is gamified, brilliantly.

Gaby Toledano, Former CHRO of Genentech, Managing Partner of Partners for Wellbeing

Source: SHRM, performance for companies who use engagement benefits

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Engaging people wherever they are

People often spend more time at work than they do with their own families. As HR leaders, we are charged with increasing engagement to positively impact business goals and outcomes. When HR and people teams can tie level-up activities to culture, everyone wins. With Espresa’s challenges and achievements platform, the entire process of engagement is gamified with an experience that employees love.

Social amplification. Get beyond step challenges and make activities and engagement meaningful. The fact is, you can gamify anything. Think new-hire challenges. Peer-to-peer recognition in real-time. Events and scheduling – you name it. There are no boxes here. Craft and gamify the experience in a way that amplifies and embraces your culture and brand.

Espresa Challenges + Achievements

Be the culture magnet.

Culture is holistic and bottom-up and your people vary from introvert to extrovert to a combination of the two. With Espresa, we help human resources and benefits teams ignite everyone, no matter where they are – on campus and distributed. Build healthy habits while giving people that dopamine hit for completing tasks, earning points, and leveling up.

Powerful Benefits


Challenges equal engagement

Make every activity in your company fun by awarding points that can become bragging rights, cool branded swag, or other rewards

Engage people everywhere

Home teams, distributed teams, all teams - create an inclusive culture for personal challenges and friendly rivalry with workmates, teams, and your entire organization


Connect your Culture Benefits™

From Employee Resource Groups to recognition, wellbeing, and events, HR can unify people while improving productivity with the things that matter most

See engagement in real-time

Get 360-degree analytics and reporting to empower in-the-moment decision making while delivering transparency to leadership

Return-on-Culture investment

Get the only challenges and achievements platform that delivers a clear Return-on-Culture for your entire organization

Happiness happens here.

Gamify anything and everything. From engaging in employee resource groups, to giving a peer-to-peer reward, wellbeing and fitness challenges, meeting and events attendance – with Espresa’s mobile challenges and achievements experience, employees are encouraged to act in ways that are rewarding, fun, and culture building.

Culture benefits now delivered on-demand

Every company has its own unique cultural DNA. The question is whether it’s a culture that employees identify with and participate in during their workday and beyond.

Espresa has created the best modern engagement experience to gamify challenges, achievements, and culture benefits. Lead with people and culture first.

The best platform for exceptional employee experiences

  • Setup challenges, announce, and promote them in minutes by campus and employee type
  • Employees can immediately see new challenges in-app and engage
  • Level-up with custom badges and leaderboards
  • Notifications and updates to encourage engagement

Your competitive advantage is your people. Happy people make more successful companies. Be the company where happiness happens.

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