It’s a tight job market out there. Unemployment was standing at 4 percent in January – its lowest rate since 1969. That’s great news for employees. However, it does create challenges for employers.

It means human resource (HR) organization and companies have to work harder to attract, hire and retain top talent.

You’ve already invested time and money to train your existing employees. They’ve acquired institutional knowledge and have proven what they can do. Also, they’re already contributing to your organization. Holding on to these valuable individuals offers a clear return on investment.

Low unemployment and the excellent economy are encouraging more and more employees to jump ship. Moreover, Millennials, in particular, are mostly unafraid of job-hopping. They have seen what happened to their parents and realize, gone are the days of thirty years at a company, a comfortable pension plan, and a gold watch.

How employers can create balance

Capitalizing on these trends, employers can focus on creating exceptional employee experiences and cultures that are diverse and inclusive.

In 2019, smart companies will:

  • Use tools that provide data to track employee engagement
  • Use employee experience technology that is more user-friendly
  • Invest more in employee resource groups (ERGs)
  • Provide employees with greater choice in how to spend their benefit dollars
  • Ensure the experiences provided to employees are consistent – whether those employees work at headquarters, in remote offices, or from home

Go big

HR-specific industry events can help organizations as they work to achieve these goals. That said, here’s a list of conferences to consider adding to your 2019 travel schedule. There are at least a handful of big and broadly focused events addressing HR challenges and solutions. Here   Espresa’s suggested list of must attends:

Health & Benefits Leadership Conference – April 24 through 26 – Las Vegas, NV

The Human Resource Executive presents this gathering. Organizers and attendees alike describe it as the annual gathering of the nation’s savviest HR and benefits professionals.

ATD 2019 – May 19 through 22 – Washington, D.C.

This event bills itself as the largest, most comprehensive event for HR and talent development professionals worldwide. This year’s gathering will feature more than 300 sessions and more than 400 exhibitors. Amazon, Apple, and LEGO will present. Seth Godin and Oprah Winfrey are among the keynoters.

HR Technology Conference and Exposition – Oct. 1 through 4 – Las Vegas, NV

This is another good general-purpose conference covering a wide array of HR topics, helping attendees learn how to buy and implement new HR systems. It presents tips on how to address new industry trends and also features an extensive exhibit floor.

Go vertical

Of course, many industry verticals have specific needs when it comes to HR. Also, some events address those targeted requirements. Here’s one 2019 event that offers a more industry-specific look at HR challenges and solutions.

National HR in Hospitality Conference – March 25 through 27 – Las Vegas, NV

This event is presented by Cornell University’s Hotel and ILR Schools, equipping hospitality HR teams with guidance tailored to their unique challenges.

Go golden

Some HR events have a regional or state-specific focus. Here are a few gatherings in the Golden State that California HR professionals may want to attend. They won’t have to travel far!

SVEF’s Bay Area Global Benefits Conference 2019 – April 30 through May 2 – San Jose, CA

The Silicon Valley Employers Forum is a non-profit coalition of influential high-tech global benefits employers. Attendees at this year’s SVEF event will explore best practices for creating, managing and optimizing leading-edge employee benefits programs and experiences.

California HR19 Conference – Aug. 25 through 28 – Long Beach, CA

Created and curated by the Professionals In Human Resources Association, CAHR provides HR content for professionals who either practice or are responsible for HR management in California.

Go crazy

The above are just a handful of HR event options this year. Here are a few other 2019 conferences that are worth a look.

SHRM’s 2019 Annual Conference – April 7-10 – Aventura, FL

This event aims to help HR executives anticipate and act on organizational change and features a wide array of speakers. SHRM drives dialog among influential leaders in an intimate environment.

ERE Recruiting Conference – April 22-22 – San Diego, CA

Talent acquisition professionals attend ERE to learn about the best solutions for recruiting improvement. Presentations with real-life examples should offer ample learning opportunities.

Argyle’s 2019 Human Resources Leadership Forum: HR’s Role in Leading Innovation – September ­– New York, NY

This event looks at employee engagement and talent management technology. It examines C-suite collaboration to improve overall performance, agile recruitment, and development techniques. Additionally, it discusses the strategic role HR plays in global business transformation.

The PEER 150 National Summit – Nov. 7 through 9 – Berkely, CA

This boutique conference attracts top-level executives. That’s probably because PEER 150 Human Resources is an exclusive, invitation-only networking group. This event features unfiltered discussions and content, along with exclusive access to Box, DocuSign, Thumbtack and WeWork headquarters. PEER 150 will also be hosting an Oct. 2 roundtable in San Francisco and an Oct. 4 roundtable in New York.

2019 Human Resources Leadership Forum: Creating the Workplace of the Future – November – San Francisco, CA

This is another Argyle event and promises innovative takes on employee engagement, talent management technology, and workforce planning. It also looks at the new strategic role of HR in business transformation.

Go full circle

As you can see, HR and employee engagement are the connective thread running through all of these events. That makes sense since 2019 is the year of employee experience.

Offering easy-to-use and engaging events, programs, ERGs, and employee experience tools contribute to excellent workplace culture. It can also drive increased employee retention — even for organizations with a remote workforce.

Learn more about how Espresa can empower HR with better employee experiences and engagement, today!


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