One of the latest trends we’re seeing from our customers is creating a dedicated space to offer employee programs on campus. Sure, we’ve all had to turn the conference room into an impromptu meditation center in a pinch, but employees find it difficult to disconnect from work in the same space that they’ve used to present to their boss or maybe even the board of directors. Instead, think about dedicating certain spaces to the employee programs you want to foster and decorating those spaces accordingly.

One Espresa client has 3 dedicated fitness studios on their campus to run a myriad of fitness programs from the popular yoga and pilates to bootcamp and TRX training. A fitness studio will need to be outfitted with the proper flooring to prevent slippage in humid, sweaty environments, but also one that maintains a level of cleanliness. Never choose a carpeted room for high impact fitness activities.

Likewise, for your wellness activities, there’s a growing trend in bringing the doctor to you. One of our California clients has even built a medical dentist room based on the popularity of dental checkups, chiropractic care, eye exams and teeth whitening. Overall, we’ve seen a rise in medical focused employee programs. Creating a space for employees to participate in these medical programs, as well as BMI screenings, nutrition service and seasonal flu shots all help to show employees that you’re dedicated to their needs and to make it easier for continuous scheduling over time.

For wellness programs that focus on destressing, it’s important to create an environment that signals to the employees that it’s time to relax for a bit. Popular stress reducing activities include mindfulness and meditation, as well as massage. Cultivate an experience for the employees by providing a dedicated area in a quiet space that gives them privacy. For meditation, consider a darkened room with soft lighting provided by lamps with low wattage. To accommodate all employee needs, provide a space where employees may sit on a comfortable blanket on the floor with their back to the wall. For those that prefer to be seated, look for furniture that is comfortable and plush. Remember that meditation often cools the body, so providing blankets or a room that has the ability to heat and cool independent of the central system will help to optimize the experience.

For massage, try to provide a quiet area that can afford some privacy so employees can truly decompress.

Regardless of which space you have for meditation and massage, be sure to make the space a mobile free zone. Electronics interrupt the mind’s ability to switch off. Leave a locker outside the room for laptops and phones and remind all employees that this is their time to switch off for a moment.

Whatever program focus is best for your organizational culture, think of ways to improve on the employee experience with dedicated rooms for you employee fitness, wellness and medical programs.


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